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Drug Addiction-Alcohol & Drug Abuse

 Do you or someone you care about:

  • Argue with family or friends due to alcohol or drug use
  • Been unable to cut down or stop using alcohol or drugs
  • Experience problems with relationships at home, school, or on the job due to alcohol or drugs use
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms? (sweat, hallucinations, seizures, nausea)
  • Feel guilty or depressed about alcohol or drug use
  • Focus on alcohol and drugs to the exclusion of family, work, school, friends, sports, hobbies
  • Go to work or school after using alcohol or drugs
  • Have medical problems caused by alcohol or drug use
  • Make irresponsible decisions because of alcohol or drug use (drive while intoxicated, steal, lie)
  • Use alcohol and/or drugs: on a daily basis, as a result of peer pressure, to escape responsibilities, loss of a loved one, or family pressures, to feel better about a problem, to talk about feelings or ideas; or on the same day?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions please call Gateways at 861-0035 to speak confidentially with a qualified counselor.

If you or someone you love needs help, Gateways is the first step.


Contact Information:  Located at 4760 Madison Road (lower level entrance), Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. 
For more information about Gateways, please call 513.861.0035 or email

The path to recovery starts with the first step.  Please contact Gateways today.