Gateways Recovery

About Us

Gateways Recovery Center-Outpatient Services

What makes Gateways Different?

Gateways is an outpatient recovery center providing assessment, education and treatment services for adults struggling to cope with alcohol and/or drug use and mental health. 

Our caring and professional staff deliver outpatient treatment in a warm, friendly environment.

Gateways has a reputation for excellence and a track record for quality services with positive outcomes. Treatment is individualized to meet each patient's needs, emphasizing support for recovery through participation, family involvement and ongoing attendance at community recovery groups.

Program Features

  • Experienced, professional treatment team providing individualized patient care
  • Comprehensive assessment of treatment needs
  • Outcome data that demonstrates higher than average successful completion rates
  • On-site physicians who assist with behavioral and physical health assessments and follow-up care
  • Coordination of care with schools, outside professionals and community resources
  • Accredited by CARF, Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and State Medical Board of Ohio